Through sharing our experiences in the training of our soccer talents, we aim to promote the quality of regional youth work and thus raise the level of football in the Rhine-Main area in the competitive sports sector.

The Rhine-Main area is home to many soccer clubs – from the Bundesliga to the district league, clubs from Frankfurt and its surroundings are active and offer training and playing opportunities for all ages, from seniors to toddlers. Many of these clubs excel particularly in youth development. Across all age groups, our players and teams compete with their peers from smaller and larger amateur clubs – in league matches, friendly games, and tournaments. Through this ongoing contact and close exchange with coaches and club officials, a great deal of trust and mutual appreciation has developed over many years.

Shared exchange of knowledge and experience

All clubs are united in their efforts, within their means, to promote the development of children and young people through organized football. However, the respective structures, opportunities, and goals of individual clubs can differ significantly. Cross-club collaboration is therefore a great opportunity and an important concern for us. Because a shared exchange of knowledge and experience, both in practical and theoretical terms, can benefit all clubs. Thus, the idea of a network partnership, which aims to express cooperation between the participating clubs in various areas, has emerged.

FSV Frankfurt, as a licensed club with its affiliated youth development center, aims to be the initiator and moderator of these network partnerships. However, all clubs commit to actively participating and contributing to the network both in terms of content and personnel, to ensure that the network remains interesting and vibrant.

Partner Associations

SV Viktoria Preußen 07 e.V.
Sportgemeinschaft Ober-Erlenbach e.V.
SG Egelsbach
Contents of the cooperation agreement
  • Further training for the coaches of partner clubs
  • Talent scouting days in cooperation with partner clubs
  • Regular exchange of scouting departments
  • Opportunity for internships and hospitation at FSV Frankfurt
  • Game visits by arrangement (combined with subsequent game analysis)
  • Regular friendly games

School & Career

Many youth players dream of a career as professional soccer players, but the path to the top is long and only a few make it all the way. Therefore, our youth players should not and must not neglect their academic and professional matters; they need to know that both are a priority.

We therefore see it as an essential task to create structures and measures that allow school and soccer to be optimally combined. To achieve this, cooperation with schools and other institutions in Frankfurt and the surrounding area is a key component; through a broad network of partnerships, conditions and opportunities will be formed to better coordinate the sometimes very time- and stress-intensive athletic demands with academic education.

The core objectives of the cooperation are:

  • Ensure compatibility of academic education and performance-oriented development in soccer; coordination of time- and stress-intensive athletic demands with academic education
  • Create an environment and sensitivity for our talents with the factor “education”, accompanied by the promotion of mental and personality-forming characteristics of the players
  • Increase training volume through additional training sessions integrated into school hours
  • Medium- and long-term planned and organized development of a training plan to promote all performance-determining factors of the complex sport of soccer

Partner Schools


The cooperation with the Carl-von-Weinberg-Schule is a central element in the academic support of our youth players. The “Integrated Comprehensive School” (IGS) with an upper school in Frankfurt-Goldstein is the partner school of competitive sports in Frankfurt/Main and bears the title “Elite School of Sports”, awarded and regularly evaluated by the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

In a joint project with the youth development centers of Eintracht Frankfurt and 1.FFC Frankfurt, as well as in close collaboration with the sports associations HFV and DFB, the Carl-von-Weinberg-Schule was also awarded the title “Elite School of Football” in spring 2014. With this title, the DFB acknowledges the work, offerings, and structures in the school and expresses that talents can not only be academically accompanied but also receive athletic training within the framework of school education.

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In the 2015/2016 season, a cooperation was also established with the Julius-Leber-Schule in downtown Frankfurt. The Julius-Leber-Schule is the largest commercial vocational school in the city of Frankfurt and offers approximately 2800 students the opportunity to pursue a dual vocational training in commercial occupations as well as health professions. In addition, about 500 students attend the technical college with focuses on “Economics and Administration” and “Health”. This 2-year school form concludes with the technical college entrance qualification exam; it opens up the opportunity to pursue a university of applied sciences degree among other options.

Since 2012, the technical college of the Julius-Leber-Schule has been offering a special sports class to performance-oriented students. In this class, the instruction is tailored to the athletic requirements, such as training sessions, participation in competitions, etc., and is aimed at talented young athletes who, alongside their athletic commitments, want to receive a solid and qualifying education for university studies.

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Vocational Preparation


For the 2019/20 season, FSV was able to gain another cooperation partner with JOBLINGE. The company has been in existence since 2007 and also has a location in Frankfurt am Main.

At JOBLINGE, founded by The Boston Consulting Group and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation, businesses, government, and private individuals work together to support young people with difficult starting conditions. The goal: real job opportunities and sustainable integration into the job market and society.

With the Steilpass project, JOBLINGE supports young players in career orientation, in the search for an apprenticeship, in arranging internships, or in changing apprenticeships. JOBLINGE’s support for young players is individually tailored to each individual and the requirements of competitive sports. Depending on the club and youth development center, they address various wishes and needs. The kick-off always starts with a workshop with the youth squads to introduce the JOBLINGE initiative and program to the players.

At FSV, the first workshop was held with our U17 and U19 teams. The focus was on the topic of Big Data, data protection, data on the Internet, and general data traces.

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Medicine & Physiotherapy

SPOREG – Ambulantes Rehabilitationszentrum (kleines Logo)

A strong partner of FSV Frankfurt in the field of medical and physiotherapeutic care is the Ambulante Rehazentrum SPOREG. The team led by owner and business manager Reinhard Gebel has been dealing with solutions for health problems since 1980, such as the recovery of physical resilience after sports and accident injuries.

A broad wealth of experience from treating well over 1800 elite and professional athletes gives the team the confidence to incorporate these valuable insights into the therapy of all SPOREG patients.

The Ambulante Rehazentrum SPOREG is available to FSV Frankfurt and the youth development center with qualified personnel, great commitment, and professional knowledge.

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On the physiotherapeutic level, FSV Frankfurt is supported by PhysioPALO. PhysioPALO is headquartered in Oberursel/Ts. and specializes in the treatment of sports injuries. Bringing patients back to sports as quickly and safely as possible is one of the core competencies and main goals of the practice. With PhysioPALO, FSV has a strong and experienced partner by its side and can rely on optimal preparation before and after game days.

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Sportklinik Frankfurt
Frankfurt Sports Clinic

Sportklinik (Sports Clinic) Frankfurt and FSV Frankfurt’s youth performance center have been cooperating on many sports medicine matters since the season 2011/2012. In particular, the annual sports fitness examinations of players from the youth training center have been carried out jointly since then.

The sports clinic is one of the leading sports medicine centers in Germany due to its direct proximity to many major German sports organizations, the Hesse State Sports Association and the Hesse Olympic Training Centre, as well as its many years of experience in the care of athletes at Hessian, national and international championships and at the Olympic Games.

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Dr. Mahn & Kollegen
Dr. Mahn & Colleagues

Dr. med Holger Mahn is the doctor at FSV Frankfurt’s youth performance center. Dr. Mahn’s practice is a specialist surgical practice for modern orthopedics and trauma surgery for the Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt am Main, Bad Homburg, Vordertaunus and Wetterau regions. Dr. Mahn also supports the German national U-team as a DFB team doctor.

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Gesunde Kids
Healthy Kids

In addition to sporting and academic training, the ideal care of young talent also includes healthy eating. This is exactly what gesundekids e.V. has set itself the task of doing. With an action program in schools and daycare centers, the children are to be taught content in a clear and practical way. The e.V. is an initiative of the Rotary Club and Rotaractors in Germany. Since 2018, it has also been a cooperation partner of FSV Frankfurt’s youth performance center.

The core message of the action program is that children should have fun learning how to prepare food and develop an awareness that healthy food tastes good and looks good.

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Fair Play

FC PlayFair
FC PlayFair

Since 2019, FSV has also been cooperating with FC PlayFair! Verein für Integrität im Profifußball e.V. (Association for Integrity in Professional Soccer e.V.). The two clubs have set themselves the goal of advancing FSV Frankfurt as a whole and the club’s youth performance center. The FC PlayFair! – Verein für Integrität im Profifußball e.V. (Association for Integrity in Professional Soccer) is an independent and non-associational organization that campaigns for the interests of clubs and fans in Germany.

Overall, FC PlayFair! calls on people to behave fairly both on and off the pitch and to treat each other fairly. These are precisely the aspects that are very important to FSV Frankfurt as a family club, in addition to being close to its own fans. Communication between the club and fans will be further optimized and intensified in cooperation with FC PlayFair! Furthermore, the youth performance center will also be supported with workshops and guest contributions on the topic of “fair play”.

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Fair Play Hessen
Fair Play Hesse

In the area of fair play, FSV Frankfurt has another cooperation partner in Fair Play Hesse. Fair Play Hesse is the platform for all soccer clubs and other institutions that want to promote more fair play on Hessian soccer pitches.

In addition to the correct implementation of sporting rules, fair play also means above all fairness, equal opportunities and respect in daily interaction. The board, coaches, support staff, players, spectators and all other people involved are responsible for this. Everyone has the right to be respected, regardless of ethnic origin, religion and ideology, age, disability, gender or sexual identity.

Fair Play Hesse and its partner associations stand for diversity and fair play. With their attitude and appropriate measures, they want to consciously include everyone in club life. Racism, anti-Semitism, insults, threats, violence and any form of discrimination have no place in our soccer community. As a network, they are committed to fair play on and off the pitch at all times.

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