FSV Frankfurt is One of Only Seven Fourth-Division Clubs in the Whole of Germany to Have a DFB-Certified Youth Performance Center

The DFB certification ensures high standards in the areas of infrastructure, personnel and training. Around 40 employees work at the youth training center, including around 25 coaches (soccer instructors, A-license and elite license holders) for the training of around 150 youth players in the age groups from U12 to U19. The youth players at FSV Frankfurt not only receive soccer training, but also receive pedagogical and psychological support and are thus looked after holistically.

The Youth Performance Centre sees itself as a service provider for the professional department.

The goal of the association is to integrate as many native NLZ (short for: Youth Performance Centre) players as possible into the regional league team.

That is why the NLZ’s top priority is to provide the talents with individual support and the best possible training, so that at the end of the training process the top talents can be successfully integrated into the licensed player team.

This Objective Formulation Includes Further, Secondary Sub-Tasks Both on A Sporting Level. . .

  • Recognize talents from the region, assess them correctly, train them and keep them in the club
  • Strive for constant improvement through great competition in training and attractive competitions
  • Ensure an appropriately high level of permeability between the teams
  • Promotion and establishment of teams from the NLZ (Youth Performance Centre) in the highest divisions
  • Increasing the scope of training and ensuring efficient training operations

. . . As Well As on A Non-Sporting Level in the Areas

  • School: Expanding and ensuring school cooperation to optimize the compatibility of competitive sport and school
  • Personality: developing the personal and social skills of our young players and employees
  • Infrastructure and equipment: Expansion of infrastructural possibilities and expansion of available resources
  • Finances: greater self-financing and refinancing of our performance center
  • Image: Increase identification of and with the FSV Frankfurt
  • Support: expansion and provision of medical, physiotherapeutic, educational and sports psychology support measures
    Intensification of cooperation with clubs and other institutions in the Rhine-Main region

We are in a competitive situation with many other professional clubs – especially in the Rhine-Main region – when it comes to achieving the goals described and recruiting the best talent. However, despite the highly competitive pressure in Hesse and the surrounding area, we see sufficient players and player potential in the Frankfurt city area, as well as in the entire Rhine-Main region, from Gießen to Darmstadt and from Wiesbaden to Hanau. From a radius of 30 kilometers around Frankfurt in the basic and development area and 50 kilometers in the performance area, we want to attract the greatest talents to our club, convince them of the quality of our work and thus bind them to FSV Frankfurt in an emotional, friendly but also challenging way.

We want to offer them a home here and an opportunity to develop both athletically and personally and to realize their dream of a career as a professional soccer player.

Our catchment area is not only rich in sporting talent, but also in human talent with a wide variety of religious, cultural and social backgrounds and origins. The heterogeneous squad structures of our teams are above all an opportunity to exemplify the values and standards documented in our club statutes and fundamental to our actions.

The Statutes of the FSV Express:

  • The association is party-politically and religiously neutral
  • It is committed to the principles of human rights
  • It actively opposes racist, constitutional and xenophobic aspirations and other discriminatory or inhumane behavior
  • It counteracts all discrimination and disadvantages suffered by people, in particular due to their nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability

FSV Values

FSV Frankfurt 1899 - 11 Werte NLZ

We see here an opportunity to influence children and young people through an open, communicative and humane way of dealing. At the sporting level, they should first and foremost learn to know and appreciate the idea of fair play, and further develop their personal and social skills. And we also want to provide our players with the greatest possible support in educational and professional matters and create the framework conditions to be able to combine both in the best possible way – in the knowledge that school and career must be given priority.

An important aspect in the development processes of players are the parents and relatives of our talents. We want to involve them in the process and convince them of the enthusiasm, passion, work, perspective and family approach in our association. We are looking for parents who identify with the FSV Frankfurt and its Youth Performance Centre, who are involved, and who recognize our coaches and employees as qualified supporters, role models, responsible people and also as friends – and who therefore have confidence in us and our work.

We want to provide not only our players, but also our coaches and employees with an environment and working atmosphere in which they can develop personally and professionally and gain experience, methods and processes in a professional, performance-oriented environment. We are looking for coaches and employees who want to contribute to their own and the general development process of FSV Frankfurt and its Youth Performance Centre, who want to share and transport our soccer idea and who are willing to accompany the upcoming tasks and projects with professionalism, meticulousness, sustainability and diligence.

Our coaches and employees must be able and willing to fully identify with the city of Frankfurt, the Rhine-Main region and the FSV Frankfurt association.

We are looking for friends, partners, associations, fans, supporters and sponsors from Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region who want to support our club and our youth training center and share the same values and ideas. We want to get in touch with them and stand up for and promote FSV Frankfurt together.

Our Mission Statement Is:

The implementation of the above-mentioned goals and the realization of the sporting and non-sporting sub-tasks (taking into account our target group and our values and standards) should lead to us being able to present ourselves as a successful certified youth performance center with a clearly recognizable structure, our own signature and identity and to offer successful training for talented young players.

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